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Happy Tails - SAE by Cryxin Happy Tails - SAE by Cryxin
Name: Sae
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Job: Freestyle Artist / Salon intern (main job)
Partner: None at the moment (Single free to mingle LAWL //shot)
Sexual orientation: Bi-curious, straight (at least his father wants him to be)
Personality: Generous/ Kind/ patient/ paranoid/ brother-complex/ caring/OCD/ kind of a doof in an innocent way

Sae is generally one of those "nice guys" that gets looked over and even stepped on. People might see this as somewhat of a masochistic trait, but he doesn't like being hurt. He can bearly stand a papercut- which he tends to get often from doing art related things, but he is still not used to it. He is very generous and will pretty much say yes to almost everything, but this brings up a dangerous fault because he sometimes won't know how to say no to people. He draws the line when he is physically unable to carry out the favor or if it hurts his loved ones. He tends to bend over backwards more for his loved ones, even stand under the rain in a thunderstorm for them if he has to. He has a tendency to be an overprotective person, worrying over little things when in reality it's not really necessary to. He acts like an older brother who tails along in case something horrible happens. if you wore your shirt backwards by accident. He likes to be neat, and likes to clean things even when he doesn't have to. It irks him when he finds something out of place and he might end up going ballistic. He is generally mild and won't be ticked off easily, but once you threaten his close ones, he will throw himself into raw danger.

History: Sae grew up in a moderately rich family. Not much horrible past for this guy except for arguing with his father about his future. His father was a successful lawyer, and his mother was a doctor. Needless to say, they wanted Sae to have the best education for a high paying job. His typical hours consisted of study, afterschool programs, and more private tutoring. Sae however, didn't like his long hours of memorizing quantum physics and reciting algebraic equations. He always liked to be creative, doodling whenever he could. His mother was rather fond of his artwork, but his father usually disapproved, ending with long drawn out arguments with his mother about Sae's future. Sae was a good kid still, and helped around the house- doing most of the house chores for his mother before she got home. Sometimes he cleaned the house three times. While most people spent most of their money on children's toys, Sae's parents spent most of their earnings on cleaning supplies. Finding this strange and odd, many of the kids in Sae's schools picked on him. He didn't fit in with the more rough boys, who loved sports and wrestling around. He fit in more with the girls due to his passion for the world of art, fashion and design and the like. He was falsely labeled as "that one gay dude" throughout the years and he became the target of many school ruffians. The boys shoved him in lockers, tied him up on poles and kicked him to "toughen" him up until he bled. He waited until the bleeding stopped or didn't come home at all- lying to his parents that he was going to stay at school to study. He was a scrawny kid through his younger years, but doing all kinds of house chores of cleaning from top to bottom, he built muscles and grew up healthy despite the scars on his body. Majority of the girls liked Sae, but didn't see him as  a dating type due to his mild temper. Sae was content with just being friends but never developed any close best friends. Being a target of bullying, he spend his time in class, studying or drawing on his laptop. One night, he couldn't stay in school after a rough beating, after his teacher found him lying in the middle of the hallway, blood trickling from his head. The teacher had informed his parents who were shocked to hear that he was hiding this problem for several years. Distraught, and disappointed by his mild character, they decided to send him to a martial arts academy to do the same thing the boys at school were trying to do- toughen him up. Sae didn't want to learn how to be violent. He had taken self defense classes, but he never had used them to fight for himself- only for others. He did the meditation portion very well, but the physical aspect of the course was rather shaky because he held back most of the time during training. Nevertheless, he quit after several years of forced sessions. He moved out to Pawville on his own, to find a peace of mind.
Extra information: -He is diverse in the world of art. He loves to sew, cook, clean, make up, and stylize his own hair.
-He is a blind bat without his contacts or glasses. He preferrs contacts when he is with around people because he doesn't want to be seen as a nerd.
-He is a nerd.
-He designed his own bag and laptop.
-He hates unorganized areas. If he finds something off, he'll have to fix it or he won't sleep for weeks.
-He loves butterflies. It soothes him.
-He wears a hair accessory of a butterfly flower pin. It faintly glows in shades of aurora lights.
-His scarf is tied in a butterfly shape. He covers his neck to hide a bruise he obtained before he moved out.
-He loves music. His favorite intruments to play are piano, violin, and guitar.
-He loves animals. Stray or domesticated. He likes to feed birds at the park.
-His main job is interning at a general salon, but he does freelance as well.
-He ate his veggies so he grew up to be a tall giant. Though he ends up walking into doorways often and suffers from headaches.

-Custom bag : sewed and patched by Sae. Some strange creature he doodled on his math homework one day, he made it into a bag when he moved out of his house.
-Panda notebook and pen set: his personal favorite sketchbook. He has a mechanical panda pencil to doodle with. The notebook has a pocket in the front.
-Exion Laptop : Laptop he designed himself. The design on the front is a sticker.
-Tablet: White tablet. He likes white.
-Galaxy Phone: Cellphone. Duh. He hasn't gotten around to getting a case for it yet.

Better quality of Sae :…
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